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CYBORG INTERACTIVE, LLC is a multifaceted software company, leveraging technologies from a wide variety of disciplines. [READ MORE


Chunk Video/Screenshots Coming Soon - We are going to try and get a video out tonight that highlights the basic terrain generation of the Chunk Engine. Also check back for some screenshots.
Chunk Engine Progressing - After somewhat of a hiatus, work on The Chunk Engine has continued. The last few days have seen a lot of issues resolved with the core of the engine. The concurrency model has been revamped, and the persistence system has been bolstered. These changes have effected a great increase in overall performance and robustness of […]
Welcome - Hello, and welcome! We are still in the process of getting our operations started, and so the dust has not yet settled. I hope you’ll take some time and look around the site. Look forward to doing business with you soon! Thanks, Adrian Maggio CEO and Founder – Cyborg Interactive, LLC